‘Steiner Show’ Letter to Editor

Nov. 24, 1999

      Marc Steiner is a very talented host [WJHU-FM] who has built up a huge local following.
      ...[But] today I called the show, which had announced at the outset that it was connected with “Sunspot,” a web site boosting and advertising our local monopoly newspaper....
      I asked what the financial relationship was between the Sun and the [Steiner] show. I was cut off... The Sun is always protected thus on this show. The paper boosts Steiner on “Sunspot,” and in return Steiner protects it and all its minions from any sort of criticism...
      Regarding censorship: On that day, I [also] called in to challenge an apparent monumental departure from fact [by] the guest, a Sun “pundit.” I am writing a political biography on the political figure [the guest discussed] and have found the Sun’s 150-year newspaper archive closed to the public, and to scholars. I have been commuting to the Library of Congress to do the research [on the Sun’s coverage]. The paper used to be very forthcoming with its library, and cooperative--but not for years now. I sought to get a comment on this from the guest, but the question did not go through. [Steiner finessed] it with “That’s not what the show is about today.”

      A Faithful Listener (of Yore)--
        Leonard J. Kerpelman      

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This story was published on December 1, 1999.