• 26/02/2024 17:16

How many taxpayers support one military man – deputy

 Сколько налогоплательщиков содержит одного военного — депутат

In addition to the salary of 30 thousand hryvnia, there are other expenses for a Ukrainian soldier.

To support one serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, it is necessary to collect taxes from 7-8 employees in Ukraine.

People's Deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak shared these calculations on the YouTube channel of Ukrainska Pravda.

According to him, calculating the ratio of taxpayers and military personnel, at first glance, is not difficult, knowing the approximate amount of taxes paid by the average worker in Ukraine.

“Conventionally, one taxpayer pays 5 thousand hryvnia… Accordingly, for a salary of 30 thousand hryvnia (but this is only a salary, we still have maintenance, we still have many different payments, combat and so on) there are 6 taxpayers. But in fact: they pay less, our expenses will be higher. I think that the figure 7-8 will be more correct,” Yaroslav Zheleznyak calculated.

Let us recall that earlier President Vladimir Zelensky calculated that to support 1 military man it is necessary for six civilians to pay taxes.


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