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A bill was introduced to the Rada providing for a significant increase in excise taxes on fuel and alcohol

 A bill has been submitted to the Rada providing for a significant increase in excise taxes on fuel and alcohol

The Cabinet of Ministers proposes to increase excise taxes on gasoline and alcohol.

Registered in the Verkhovna Rada a bill providing for a significant increase in excise taxes on fuel.

This was announced by government representative in parliament Taras Melnichuk.

So, the Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the Council a bill “On amendments to the Tax Code to bring legislation closer Ukraine to the legislation of the European Union regarding excise tax.”

The document proposes the following excise tax rates:

At the same time, a schedule has been established for the annual increase in such rates for four years – from July 1, 2024 to December 31, 2027.

B Currently, excise taxes are 215.5 euros on gasoline, 139.5 euros on diesel fuel and 70 euros on gas.

Excise tax on alcohol

The Cabinet of Ministers also proposes to define the term “intermediate products” as wines and other fermented drinks (including mixtures of fermented drinks and mixtures based on fermented drinks), the actual strength of which is higher than 1.2% by volume of ethyl alcohol units, but not higher than 22% by volume units of ethyl alcohol.

It is planned to increase the excise tax rate for intermediate products from 8.42 to 12.23 hryvnia per 1 liter (by 3.81 hryvnia), that is, at the level of the current rate for sparkling wines and carbonated wines, fermented drinks, flavored sparkling wines.

The term “weighted average retail selling price of cigarettes” is also provided.

“Such a price is calculated from the sum of the total cost of all cigarettes, taking into account all taxes sold by producers in the customs territory of Ukraine and imported by importers into the customs territory of Ukraine,” Melnichuk noted.

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