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A popular vegetable has become more expensive in Ukraine: what is the price now?

 A popular vegetable has risen in price in Ukraine vegetable: what is the price now

There is a seasonal reduction in supply.

In Ukraine this week there is an increase in prices for carrot. This situation has arisen due to the fact that most local farms have already completed the sale of this vegetable.

This was reported by analysts of the EastFruit project.

Experts noted that as of March 13, selling prices for carrots are quoted in the range of 7-12 UAH/kg ($0.18-0.31/kg), which is on average 24% more expensive than at the end of the last working week.

Market participants increase prices for carrots are explained by a seasonal reduction in supply, especially of high-quality products, as well as increased demand from local wholesale companies and retail chains.

Analysts added that, despite the rise in price, carrots in Ukraine are now on average 70% cheaper, than in the same period last year.

Recall that in Ukraine there is an increase in potato prices. One of the reasons for the increase in prices was the shortage of quality products.

The Ministry of Agricultural Policy believes that in 2024 prices for basic products in Ukraine will remain stable, but only those produced in Ukraine.

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