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Average salary in Ukraine: who earns the most

 Average salary in Ukraine : who earns the most

The average salary of Ukrainians continues to grow.

In Ukraine, the general trend of growth of salaries continues, which started back in 2023. The wages of the population, despite the war and challenges to the economy, continue to increase.

This was reported by the State Statistics Service.

According to the government agency, workers in the field of “Information and telecommunications”. For representatives of this profession, their monthly salary increased by 23.3% and amounts to 41,326 hryvnia.

High payments were also recorded in the following areas:

  • Financial and insurance activities – 37,477 hryvnia (salaries increased by 24%)
  • Public administration and defense – 28,516 hryvnia (plus 12.2%)
  • Professional, scientific and technical activity – 25,860 hryvnia (+13%)
  • Wholesale and retail trade, repair of vehicles and motorcycles – 21,787 hryvnia (+18.8%)
  • Industry – 20,262 hryvnia (25.7%)

Ukrainians working in the education sector are paid little. According to the State Statistics Service, they earn 13.5 thousand hryvnia monthly, their payments increased by only 0.5).

Earlier, the State Labor Service reported that Ukrainian employers should again index salaries to their employees in accordance with the inflation rate.

In addition, in Ukraine it is planned to increase pensions. The increase is planned from the first days of spring and will affect 10 million Ukrainians in total.


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