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“Billion-dollar cut”: in the estimate for the reconstruction of the Degtyarovsky overpass, prices are inflated by 2-3 times

During the tender, the contractor did not disclose the price estimate for construction materials that turned out to be much higher than market prices.

The total cost of reconstruction of the overpass near the Shulyavskaya metro station in Kyiv amounted to 920 million hryvnia. The contractor, Rostdorstroy LLC, received more than a third of this amount for his work. But later it turned out that the prices for building materials in the estimate were much higher than the market ones.

The website “Our Money” writes about this, calling the fraudulent scheme a “billion-dollar cut.”

Odessa contractor Rostdorstroy LLC received a contract for the reconstruction of the Kyiv overpass at the intersection of Degtyarevskaya and Alexandra Dovzhenko streets on June 1, 2023. The work was carried out and the bridge was opened for traffic in December. But during the tender, the project estimate was not made public in the Prozorro system, so already in 2024, the Anti-Corruption Center submitted a request to disclose information on prices for used construction materials.

As it turned out, some building materials were purchased at prices twice and even three times higher than the Ukrainian average. Namely:

According to the E-Data system, Kyivavtodor paid the contractor UAH 313 million for the work.

< p>The beneficiaries of the Odessa company “Rostdorstroy” through the Austrian company “Yttema AU GmbH” is a deputy of the Odessa City Council from the party “Trust in Deeds” of the mayor of the city Gennady Trukhanov. The company itself received road contracts worth UAH 8.54 billion in 2022-2023.

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