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Cheese imports are growing in Ukraine: how will this affect prices?

 In Ukraine Cheese imports are growing: how will this affect prices

Ukrainian cheese makers are losing out on the domestic market for imported products.

In Ukraine cheese sales stopped growing, and its imports increased significantly. Therefore, the prospect of selling large volumes of products for Ukrainian cheese producers is not the best.

This was reported by Infagro.

Experts noted that in the near future cheeses will not become cheaper, but promotions with deep discounts will become widespread.

“Even price discounts will not save all producers, because cheese imports have increased quite significantly. European cheese is cheap and it is becoming competitive with it everything is more complicated,” the message says.

Thus, in the first quarter, imports of hard, semi-hard and white cheese increased by 12%. In particular, a significant volume of hard/semi-hard cheeses was imported, which constitute the greatest competition for domestic cheese makers. And imports of processed cheese increased by a quarter.

However, experts added that there is still no confidence in a further significant increase in imports. The devaluation of the hryvnia slightly scares off importers.

Due to the worsening problems with sales on the domestic market, cheese producers are trying to increase their exports, but this is not always possible.

“Export sales of semi-hard cheeses in the first quarterly compared to the same period last year, the dynamics of exports of semi-hard cheese products look even worse. Their sales in the first quarter decreased by almost a quarter. In the future, exports of this product will fall even more significantly,” the publication notes. >

Earlier it became known that greenhouse cucumbers have fallen in price in Ukraine. One of the reasons is the warm and sunny weather in most regions.

The Ministry of Agricultural Policy believes that in 2024 prices for basic products in Ukraine will remain stable, but only those produced in Ukraine.< /p>


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