• 20/07/2024 14:53

Coffee prices have risen in Ukraine: where espresso costs the most

 В Украине подорожал кофе: где эспрессо стоит больше всего

The most expensive cup of coffee is in the Odessa region.

During the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, there was a sharp jump in coffee prices. Thus, the average cost of espresso in the country increased from 20 to 28 UAH only during 2022.

On average in Ukraine, a cup of espresso costs 30 UAH, Opendatabot reports, citing Poster POS research.

The most expensive cup of coffee is in Odessa region (36 UAH), Donetsk region (35 UAH) and Kharkiv region (32 UAH).

The lowest prices for espresso were recorded in Khmelnytskyi (21 UAH), Sumy (23 UAH), Zhytomyr and Vinnytsia regions – 24 UAH each, respectively.

The Espresso Index is an economic indicator used to measure the cost of a standard shot of espresso in different cities around the world. It can be useful for comparing price levels and costs of living in different places.

Espresso is the main component of every coffee drink, so its cost has a direct impact on the price of any drink in a cafe.

Earlier it became known that next year prices for basic products in Ukraine will remain stable, but only those produced in Ukraine.

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