• 21/07/2024 16:25

Cucumbers have fallen sharply in price in Ukraine: what is the price now?

 In Ukraine, prices have fallen sharply cucumbers: what is the price now

Ukrainian greenhouse plants offer cucumbers for sale at 85-130 UAH/kg.

In Ukraine< /strong>Greenhouse cucumbers have fallen in price. One of the reasons is the warm and sunny weather in most regions.

This was reported by analysts of the EastFruit project.

As of March 8, Ukrainian greenhouse plants offered cucumbers for sale at 85-130 UAH/kg ($2.23-3.41/kg), which is on average 15% cheaper than at the end of last week.

Analysts believe that warm weather has led to an acceleration in the pace of cucumber harvesting and rapid growth in supply on the market.

Meanwhile, manufacturers note that the situation in this segment may improve somewhat in the near future. At the same time, operators of wholesale companies note that rising prices for greenhouse cucumbers in the near future will restrain the seasonal increase in the supply of these products on the market.

Cucumbers on average go on sale 16% cheaper than in the same period period of last year.

Recall that in Ukraine there is an increase in potato prices. One of the reasons for the increase in prices was the shortage of quality products.

The Ministry of Agricultural Policy believes that in 2024 prices for basic products in Ukraine will remain stable, but only those produced in Ukraine.


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