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Exchange rates on December 27: how much are the dollar, euro and zloty

 Курс валют на 27 декабря: сколько стоят доллар, евро и злотый

The currency fell in value overnight.

The National Bank of Ukraine has set the official exchange rate for Wednesday, December 27. The cost of a dollar is 37.36 UAH, which is 16 kopecks more. less than the previous day's rate. The euro fell by 21 kopecks, and the zloty by 4 kopecks.

This was reported to the NBU.

Dollar exchange rate

Euro exchange rate

Zloty exchange rate

Dollar exchange rate in banks

Euro exchange rate in banks

Zloty exchange rate in banks

In exchange offices, a dollar is sold for an average of 38.50 UAH. Buy for 37.20 UAH. Exchangers offer 40.20 UAH for euros . Sold for 41.00 UAH.

As reported, banker Taras Lesovoy told what the exchange rate will be for the New Year. According to him, at the end of 2023 the situation on the Ukrainian foreign exchange market will be quite encouraging. Perhaps perhaps the best of the entire current year.

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