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Fuel prices will rise in Ukraine due to border blockade in Poland – expert

Fuel prices will rise in Ukraine due to the border blockade in Poland - expert

The price of autogas is already rising in the wholesale and retail markets.

Due to the blocking of the border by the Poles and the need to bypass this section of the border when importing liquefied gas, this fuel may rise in price by 3 UAH/l.

The director of the consulting group “A95″ Sergei Kuyun told the publication ” Ukrinform”.

“We expect an increase in prices for liquefied gas. But if in the fall the price increase was due to a shortage, because 30% of imports were blocked, now there will be no shortage. But Poland remains a major supplier of autogas,” said Kuyun .

He also said that for technical reasons it is difficult for autogas suppliers to switch to the railway, and they must go around the Polish border through Slovakia or Romania.

How much will autogas rise in price

“This circle will cost us about 3 UAH per liter. We see that prices are already rising both on the retail and wholesale markets,” the expert said.

At the same time, he does not yet predict any impact on the gasoline and diesel market fuelbecause suppliers have already adapted to the blockade.

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“As for the railway, for now We see no signs of blocking the transportation of petroleum products. Suppliers, including Orlen, are planning shipments,” Kuyun said.

Market participants are monitoring developments. If Polish protesters start blocking railway transportation, the consequences for Ukraine will be noticeable.

We would like to remind you that in the networks of Ukrainian gas stations, liquefied autogas increased in price by an average of 11 kopecks per liter from February 19 to 20, to 26. 88 UAH/l.

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