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In Dorogusskoe, the waiting time for trucks to cross the border is more than a month

У Дорогуську час очікування вантажівок на перетин кордону становить понад місяць

The time it takes for trucks to cross the border at the Dorogusk-Yagodin checkpoint is now more than 30 days due to increased protests from Polish carriers.

The Customs Administration in Lublin and Polish carriers reported this on Tuesday, Ukrinform reports with reference to RMF24.

According to calculations by the Customs Administration department in Lublin, as of today there are 1.5 thousand trucks in line in front of the Dorogusk-Yagodin checkpoint.

“The estimated waiting time, taking into account the current rate of passage of vehicles by carriers, is more than a month,” Polish customs officials report.

They emphasize that such significant waiting times to cross the border arose due to increased protest by carriers at this checkpoint. In particular, the head of the protest of carriers in Doroguska, Edita Ozigala, told PAP that now one truck is allowed to go towards Ukraine for three hours, although before that it was the other way around – three trucks per hour.

“The protest has been going on for the eighth week, we must somehow change tactics. In seven weeks, our concessions to the Ukrainian side have not brought results, so we are intensifying the protest,” Ozigala said.

According to Polish customs officials, 950 trucks are waiting to cross the border in front of the Grebnoye-Rava-Russkaya checkpoint, and the waiting time for crossing the border is 12 days.

According to the Polish police, 570 trucks are waiting in line to cross the border in front of the Medika-Szegini checkpoint, and 580 trucks are waiting in line in front of the Korchewa-Krakovets checkpoint. The waiting time to cross the border in Medice, where Polish farmers suspended their protest by early January, is approximately four days.

As reported, on November 6, Polish carriers began blocking truck traffic near the three largest checkpoints on the border with Ukraine: Korcheva – Krakovets, Grebnoye – Rava-Russkaya, Dorogusk – Yagodin.

Among the main demands is the return of the practice of permits for Ukrainian carriers, abolished by the agreement with the European Union until June 30, 2024.

Since Sunday, December 24, Polish farmers have suspended the blockade of traffic for trucks near the checkpoint in Medice until January 2-3. Meanwhile, Polish carriers refused to do this and continue to block the roads in front of the checkpoints in Doroguska, Korcheva and Grebenna.


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