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In Ukraine, the number of millionaires has increased during the year of full-scale war

 In Ukraine over the year full-scale war, the number of millionaires increased

The number of millionaires increased by 2,863 people year on year.

In Ukraine in 2023, the number of official hryvnia millionaires.

This was announced on Monday, February 19, by the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy, Danilo Getmantsev.

“The number of declarations in the amount of over 1 million hryvnia. Such declarations were submitted by 12,374 people. Thus, the number of millionaires increased by 2,863 people year on year,” the people's deputy said.

Tax obligations for taxes payable to the state budget by such millionaires determined in the amount of UAH 2,756.0 million, for military duty – UAH 526.5 million.

Based on the results of income declaration by individuals in 2023, the following was paid:

  • tax on income of individuals – 4,539.02 million UAH;
  • military tax – 946.09 million UAH.

In 2023, Ukrainians filed 266 thousand declarations of property status and income. The amount of declared income amounted to 147.92 billion hryvnia.

We previously wrote how much Ukrainian officials earn.

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