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Increase in pension by 20%: who can receive such an increase in Ukraine

 Increase in pension by 20%: who can receive such an increase in Ukraine

Residents of some regions will be able to receive a special pension supplement.

Residents of some regions and displaced persons can receive a special supplement to theirpensionThis opportunity is open to residents of mountain settlements, as well as to those who encounter underdeveloped industries during certain months of residence.

This is provided for by the Law of Ukraine “On the status of mountain settlements.”

Who can receive an additional payment

To receive an additional pension supplement in the amount of 20% of the basic amount, residents of mountainous settlements need to have problems with social services and accessibility in these places transport and the scope of labor.

This additional bonus is determined individually for each person and amounts to 20% of the basic pension.

What you need to receive

To receive this bonus you must have a special certificate , confirming residence in a mountainous locality. It can be issued through local authorities or CNAP, and the receipt process usually takes up to 30 calendar days after submitting the application.

This allowance is also available to displaced persons with IDP status. The issuance of a certificate for them is carried out in accordance with the standard procedure with the presentation of the necessary documents.

Earlier we wrote that from April 1, pensions will be automatically transferred to Ukrainians who continued to work after appointment or recalculation. This is all provided that, as of March 1, 2024, such a pensioner acquired 24 months of insurance experience.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel you can watch the video at this link: Changes from April 1! Minimum wages and pensions will increase!


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