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Industrial salt is brought to Ukraine from Africa: the head of the OBA says that Transcarpathian salt is more expensive, but better

Технічну сіль в Україну везуть з Африки: голова ОВА каже, що закарпатська - дорожча, але краща

A ton of Transcarpathian industrial salt costs 3 thousand hryvnia, it is more expensive than African salt, but much better quality, there is a demand for it on the market.

The head of the Transcarpathian OV Viktor Mykyta said this in an interview with Ukrinform.

“Ukraine needs its own salt, just like any of its resources in general. Moreover, the region needs it – taxes and jobs. The cost of Transcarpathian salt from the Bushtinskoe deposit is now 3 thousand UAH. per ton. But its quality is an order of magnitude higher than that of Africa: the manufacturer conducted examinations, it dissolves perfectly. Therefore, they will buy Transcarpathian salt,” he said.

According to the head of the Transcarpathian OVA, industrial salt is now supplied to Ukraine from African countries.

“As I understand it, the grain corridor is on the back to the ports of Odessa. The cost is 2.5 thousand UAH per ton. In general, before the war, the cost of industrial salt from Artemsol was 1.5 thousand UAH. When there was no salt at all in the first year of the war, we imported it from Poland, its cost was 7-9 thousand UAH per ton,” Nikita said.

He added that at the end of 2023, Transcarpathia partially restored the industrial production of technical salt at the Bushtinskoe deposit, which began to be developed in the first year of the full-scale invasion.

Since 2022, the investor has already invested about 170 million hryvnia in this project. Now the company continues to develop the deposit – strengthening the tunnel and extracting about 45 tons of industrial salt per day.

If technical salt is needed on the market, the manufacturer can increase this figure to 200 tons per day. This was done in November, when roads in several regions of Ukraine were paralyzed during a snow front. In the Odessa region, where the situation was critical, industrial salt was transferred from the Bushtinskoye deposit free of charge.

As reported, after preliminary geological studies and testing of the Tereblyansk salt deposit in 2015, it was recorded that it has rock salt reserves of 15.5 million tons.

Photo from the website “Carpathian Lens”


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