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Salaries will be transferred to Ukrainians: new amounts have become known

 Зарплаты украинцам перечислят: стали известны новые размеры

Next year Ukrainians will receive more.

From January 1, 2024, the minimum wage in Ukraine will be increased from 6,700 to 7,100 UAH. This year they did not transfer salaries even in conditions of still high inflation due to the difficult financial situation.

The publication OBOZ.UA writes about this.

“The budget was drawn up so as not to raise the minimum wage so sharply and see what happens. Most of all, this will affect those declared salaries and on which taxes are paid. This will greatly affect the receipt of the unified social contribution. We have a lot of payers on the minimum unified social contribution. Directly Salaries in the public sector should increase. And the salaries of public sector employees are financed with donor assistance,” said Candidate of Economic Sciences Lydia Tkachenko.

Now Ukrainians must earn at least 6,700 UAH per month. This is the statutory level for full-time workers. But this is not enough.

Thus, in January 2022 in Ukraine the minimum wage was UAH 6,500. The cumulative inflation rate for two years is 37.2%. That is, wages had to rise to 8,918 UAH just to compensate for the rise in prices. But even before the full-scale war and sharp inflation, the minimum wage in Ukraine was less than the real need.

Earlier it was reported that the average salary of Ukrainians fell by almost 1,500 hryvnia in the third quarter of 2023. This is evidenced by data from the Pension Fund.

This indicator differs from the information from the State Statistics Service. The average salary in the second quarter of 2023, according to the department, was 17,176 hryvnia, which is 25.2% more than the same period in 2022.

Where have wages increased the least?

The State Statistics Service records the smallest increase in average monthly wages in the healthcare sector. There, salaries increased by only 9.2% – to 14,566 hryvnia.
And in the educational industry – by 9.4%, that is, up to 13,027 hryvnia.

In the field of creativity, art and entertainment – by only 12.1%, to 11,108 hryvnia.

The employees of libraries, museums and other cultural institutions have the lowest rate of salary increases.

Falling wages in Ukraine – data from the Pension Fund

The Pension Fund of Ukraine has approved the average salary for the third quarter of 2023, which is taken into account when calculating pensions. Over the past three months, wages have fallen by almost 1,500 hryvnia.

According to the PFU, in 2023 the average salary in Ukraine increased by 8.4%.

Minimum salary in Ukraine in 2024: amount

At the next meeting, the government adopted the budget for 2024. Therefore, it is already known what the minimum wage, subsistence minimum, etc. may be.

If we talk about the amount of the minimum wage in Ukraine, then from January 1, 2024, the minimum wage will change.

The minimum monthly wage from January 1 can be 7,100 UAH . From July 1, 2024 – 8000 UAH.

The cost of living will also not stand still. Thus, in 2023, the amount of minimum security per person is UAH 2,589. And in 2024 it can grow to 2920 UAH.


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