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Subsidies will be provided in a new way in Ukraine: what has changed

 In Ukraine will provide subsidies in a new way: what has changed

Changes can be introduced during 2024.

The Ministry of Social Policy initiates changes in the order assignment of housing subsidies.The changes will also affect those citizens who have debts for utility services.

The corresponding draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers was presented for discussion on the website of the Federation of Trade Unions (FTU).

The document proposes not to provide subsidies if Ukrainians have an overdue debt of three or more months to pay for one of the housing and communal services.

The amount of debt must exceed 40 tax-free minimum incomes of citizens (680 hryvnia ). So far, the subsidy cannot be issued to those consumers who are in debt for all housing and communal services, and their debt exceeds 680 hryvnia.

There will also be a rule that in the event of the death of a household member (other than the applicant) or a family member of a person from composition of the household, the authorized bodies will be able to independently revise the housing subsidy from the month following the month in which the person died without the applicant’s application.

Changes are also being made to the procedure in terms of clarifying the norm for recalculating the amount of benefits upon the death of a family member of the beneficiary, regardless from the submission of a corresponding application by the beneficiary.

We would like to remind you that subsidies in Ukraine are received by the least protected segments of the population. What documents are needed to apply for a 2024 subsidy – read the news.

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