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The British Ministry of Defense did not spend even half of the money from the international fund to support Ukraine – The Guardian

 The British Ministry of Defense did not spend even half of the money from the international support fund for Ukraine – The Guardian

The money was not used due to bureaucratic delays in concluding contracts. /p>

Ministry of Defense Great Britaindue to bureaucratic delays in the execution of contracts, more than half of the money from the war fund in the amount of 900 million pounds sterling, which is intended for Ukraine, was not used.

The Guardian writes about this.

The International Fund for Ukraine, led by Britain, has nine donor countries. Of the 900 million pounds sterling (about 1 billion 113 million US dollars) provided by governments over the past two years, of which 500 million pounds sterling came from the UK, only 404 million pounds sterling was allocated or spent on the needs of Ukraine.

< p>Funds allocated:

  • Denmark – $164.5 million;
  • Iceland – $3.7;
  • Lithuania – $6.18 million;
  • Netherlands – $136 million;
  • Norway – $147.2 million;
  • Sweden – $32 million;
  • Australia – $32 million;
  • New Zealand – $5 million.

Ministers acknowledged that some of the equipment covered by the signed contracts will not arrive in Ukraine until the spring of next year.

According to British Ministry of Defense officials, the delays are caused by the need to evaluate each of the many defense companies that took part in tenders for contracts.

British Shadow Defense Minister John Healey accused the department of working “slowly.”

“The UK is united in supporting Ukraine and against Russian aggression. As Russia intensifies its attacks on Ukraine, its allies must speed up military support. At the same time, the UK government is slow to hand over important new kit to the Ukrainians,” he said.

< p>The International Fund for Ukraine was created in August 2022 to fund military training and equipment for Ukraine following Russia's large-scale invasion.

It was designed as a “flexible, low-bureaucracy fund” administered by the Ministry of Defense from on behalf of the executive commission consisting of Great Britain, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania.

We would like to remind you that the White House answered when Ukraine will receive the first supplies of weapons.

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