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The financial catastrophe is canceled: Getmantsev told how much money Ukraine has received from its allies recently

 Финансовая катастрофа отменяется: Гетманцев рассказал, сколько денег Украина получила от союзников в последнее время

There will be no financial catastrophe in January; Ukraine has received aid in various directions.

Ukraine continues to receive significant international financial and military support to counter Russian aggression.

The head of the tax committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Daniil Getmantsev, announced the volume of assistance provided recently.

According to him, in support of the state budget and financing of expenses from it, in particular social ones, in support of the spheres of education, healthcare and others, the following was received:

  • €1.5 billion of the latest tranche of macro-financial assistance from the EU under the 2023 program;
  • $1.34 billion from the World Bank (financing provided by Japan, Switzerland and the United States);
  • $900 million loan from the Government of Japan through the Investing in Social Protection for Inclusion, Sustainability and Effectiveness (INSPIRE) project.

Also received for restoration projects :

  • 150 million euros of non-repayable financial assistance from the EU within the framework of a bilateral agreement on financing the program “Support for the rapid recovery of Ukraine (Contract for State Development and Strengthening Resilience)”;
  • €99.6 million in assistance from the EIB for the reconstruction of about 200 facilities in 18 regions
  • $52.4 million grant from Japan under the Home Improvement for People's Empowerment (HOPE) project.

To strengthen and protect the stable operation of the energy system , the following arrived:

  • 150 million euros from the EBRD to support NPC Ukrenergo during the heating season;
  • Italy will join the EBRD initiative, adding 10 million euros in grant funds to the mentioned 150 million euros;
  • 88.5 million euros from Germany for the Ukraine Energy Support Fund.

Military support received:

  • 240 million euros of the general Swedish-Danish military assistance package (Swedish-made infantry fighting vehicles, a hybrid of an armored personnel carrier and Swedish CV90 infantry fighting vehicles, spare parts, ammunition);
  • 106 million euros of military assistance from Finland (already 21 packages, the contents are traditionally not disclosed).

Getmantsev also noted that Ukraine has another 102 million euros of multidisciplinary support from the Netherlands (humanitarian needs, mine clearance, infrastructure restoration, energy support).

“This is a decision on assistance and funds that have already been transferred to Ukraine over the last week. Therefore, the “zrada” is cancelled, we continue to work and bring our Victory closer,” Getmantsev wrote.

Let us recall that the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Sergei Marchenko, during a review of macroeconomic forecasts for 2024 from the Center for Economic Strategies, said that in January-February 2024 in Ukraine there will be risks of financing state budget expenditures, since assistance from Western partners is insufficient.


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