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The Ministry of Defense will improve the system of financing the construction of fortifications

Міноборони вдосконалює систему фінансування будівництва фортифікаційних споруд

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is applying a new approach to the construction of fortifications, which will attract additional resources that are not currently used.

As Ukrinform reports, the Ministry of Defense reported this on Facebook.

“The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution developed by the Ministry of Defense, which expanded the list of government bodies that can purchase goods, works and services for the construction of military engineering and fortification structures,” the statement says.

As the ministry noted, until now this function has been performed by regional military administrations. Now, in addition to them, the customers will be the Ministry of Defense, the State Special Transport Service and the State Agency for Reconstruction and Infrastructure Development. That is, the construction of defense structures will be provided not through a separate budget program, but within the limits of expenditures of the state and local budgets and other sources not prohibited by law.

“The resolution will improve the process of financing construction by paying an advance payment of up to 70% of the cost of work under the contract. This will help builders build fortifications quickly and where they are needed, including in dangerous areas,” the Ministry of Defense emphasized.

In addition, the decree established a unified approach to design decisions for construction, because until now fortifications have been erected unsystematically. The new approach will ensure the creation of a powerful fortification network according to a unified strategy.

Thus, the same technical specifications, architectural and engineering solutions, as well as safety requirements will be applied to all facilities.

The Ministry of Defense noted that the General Staff will make a decision on the number and location of construction of facilities, taking into account proposals from the local military command. This will ensure that the specifics of the situation in all key directions of the front are taken into account.

“We will improve the financing system so that the construction of fortifications proceeds faster and more efficiently. The previously existing conditions and financing mechanisms did not provide the necessary scale and speed of building up fortification lines, so we are correcting this. The act we have developed is the first step for a comprehensive solution to the issue, including attracting additional resources for construction that are not currently used,” noted State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Lyudmila Daragan.

As reported, on December 29, the government adopted Resolution No. 1415 “Some issues of increasing the state’s defense capability during the period of martial law in Ukraine.”

Photo: CBSA Ukrainian Armed Forces


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