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The Ministry of Finance placed government bonds for 20.7 billion

Мінфін розмістив ОВДП на 20,7 мільярда

The Ministry of Finance attracted UAH 20.7 billion to the state budget at an auction for the placement of domestic government bonds (OVDPs).

As Ukrinform reports, the press service of the Ministry of Finance reported this on Facebook.

“The Ministry of Finance placed bonds worth almost 20.7 billion hryvnia in equivalent,” the statement says.

It is noted that the Ministry of Finance offered investors hryvnia government bonds: UAH 6.38 billion at 16.5% with repayment in 6 months; UAH 3.973 billion at 16.49% with repayment in 7 months, UAH 741 million at 16.84% with repayment in 1 year, UAH 124 million at 17.6% with repayment in 1.8 years and UAH 1.697 billion at 18. 6% with repayment after 3.2 years.

Government bonds were also offered in dollars: $207 million at 4.66% with repayment in 1 year.

As Ukrinform reported, according to the NBU Depository, in January-October 2023, the government of Ukraine raised UAH 321,908.1 million and $3,098.4 million from the placement of government bonds at auctions. USA and 709.3 million euros.

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