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The Rada proposes to increase the benefit for the birth of a child tenfold: the amount is known

The Rada proposes to increase the child birth allowance tenfold: the amount is known

People's deputies named the low level of child birth assistance as one of the main reasons for the decline in the birth rate in Ukraine.< /p>

People's deputies have registered bill No. 11072 in the Verkhovna Rada, which proposes to increase the amount of benefits for the birth of a child from 41 thousand 280 UAH to more than 384 thousand UAH.

This is stated in the explanatory note to the bill “on amendments to Law of Ukraine “On State Assistance to Families with Children” regarding the amount of benefits for the birth (adoption) of a child and the establishment of state assistance for child care until the child reaches the age of three.”

“In recent years, Ukraine has seen a decline in the birth rate. In general, over the past ten years, the birth rate in Ukraine has decreased by 40%. The reason for the decline in the birth rate is many factors, but one of the main ones remains the low level of assistance at the birth of a child, as well as military operations on the territory of Ukraine as a result of the armed aggression of the terrorist country Russia,” says the explanatory note to the bill.

The authors of the project propose to link the calculation of benefits for the birth of a child to the size of the subsistence minimum established for the period of birth of the child.

The amount of benefit for the birth of a child – what the people's deputies are proposing

If the document is adopted, then in the event of the birth of the first child, the state should provide assistance in an amount equal to 150 times the subsistence minimum. As of March, this is 384.5 thousand UAH.

At the birth of a second child, it is proposed to set the amount of the benefit at an amount equal to 100 subsistence minimums – 256.3 thousand UAH.

For the third and each subsequent child, assistance is provided in an amount equal to 50 subsistence minimums – for 128.2 thousand UAH.

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One-time payment per child

According to the draft law, a one-time payment should be equal to 20 times the subsistence minimum – today it is 51.3 thousand UAH.

In the future, payments should be made within three years.< /p>

Note that from the beginning of 2024 the cost of living is:

  • 3,023 UAH – for able-bodied persons;
  • 2,563 UAH – for children under six years;
  • 3,196 UAH – for children from six to 18 years old;
  • 2,361 UAH – for persons who have lost their ability to work.

K By the way, insurance payments will be recalculated for Ukrainians in March. In particular, we are talking about state assistance, which is paid on the basis of accidents that occur at work.

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