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Ukraine will hold talks on debt restructuring – Reuters

 Ukraine will hold negotiations on restructuring of government debt — Reuters

A special association will be created for negotiations.

Investors holding bonds of Ukraine for 20 billion dollars, will hold negotiations on debt restructuring.

This is reported by Reuters.

The message indicates that a special association will be created for negotiations.

The agency notes that it is very important for Ukraine to ensure restructuring before the two-year freeze on payments agreed upon by holders of outstanding international bonds ends in August.

Sources of the publication said that the official group may begin negotiations ahead of spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund, scheduled to begin April 17 in Washington.

This will be the first attempt to formalize debt negotiations between private bondholders and the country since the outbreak of full-scale war in 2022.

Negotiators will be able to engage with the government to hold detailed discussions and exchange specific proposals using confidential information.

Ukraine's debt management office has approached some investors in an attempt to group them into a group of creditors, sources said.

< p>Recall that it was previously reported that Ukraine and its allies want to introduce a special tax for the Russian Federation as compensation for damage from aggression.

In addition, we previously reported that Zelensky said that the frozen assets of the Russian Federation will not be able to compensate for the damage from the war.

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