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Ukraine's international reserves have decreased: how much were lost in a month and what were the reasons?

 International Ukraine's reserves have decreased: how much have they lost in a month and what are the reasons

Ukraine's international reserves at the beginning of March amounted to about $37.1 billion.

As of as of March 1, 2024, Ukraine’s international reserves amounted to $37.052 billion. USA. In February, they decreased by 3.8% or by $1.473 billion.

This was reported by the press service of the National Bank.

This dynamics is explained by the NBU’s foreign exchange interventions to maintain exchange rate stability and the country's debt payments in foreign currency, partially compensated by receipts from international partners.

It is noted that the dynamics of reserves in February were determined by a number of factors:

  • NBU operations on foreign exchange market of Ukraine – the National Bank sold $1,540.6 million on the foreign exchange market and bought back $31.9 million for reserves. Consequently, the net sale of NBU currency in February amounted to $1,508.7 million, decreasing by 1.4 times compared to January.< /li>
  • Receipts to the government and payments for servicing and repaying government debt.
  • Revaluation of financial instruments (as a result of changes in market value and exchange rates). In February, due to revaluation, the value of financial instruments increased by $199.5 million. USA.

“The current volume of international reserves provides financing for 4.9 months of future imports,” the NBU summed up.

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