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What Ukrainians' taxes are spent on: the Ministry of Economy explained

 What taxes are spent on Ukrainians: the Ministry of Economy explained

Funds that the country can collect into the budget independently finance defense and security.

Since the beginning of martial law in Ukraine tax legislation has undergone a number of changes and began to adapt to today's realities. All funds go to defense expenses.

Deputy Minister of Economy Taras Kachka said this in an exclusive interview with journalist Yevgeny Plinsky.

“The economy is working, private business is working, exports are being carried out. In our country, accordingly , there are business funds to pay taxes. This year, 1.6 trillion UAH with a tail is planned to be collected in taxes and fees. All of them go towards defense expenses, without exception. Defense expenses are the purchase of weapons, maintenance of troops, including food, uniforms and salaries for the military. Therefore, it is obvious that 100% of what our state collects on its own goes to the front, to support the troops,” he said.

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