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Shulyak told how Ukrainians are illegally trying to receive compensation under the “єВідніння” program

The total amount of agreed compensation under the “єєVіdnovlennya” program crossed the UAH 7 billion mark. However, citizens for whom this compensation is not provided for by law have repeatedly tried to use the program. This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with a link to the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the organization of state power, local self-government, regional development and urban planning, Elena Shulyak.

Shulyak told how Ukrainians are illegally trying to get compensation under the

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Among the most common abuses by applicants:

    Attempts to pass off abandoned housing as damage as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Intentional damage to housing for the sake of compensation. Providing false information about damage – using photos processed in Photoshop to make claims. Attempts to obtain compensation twice: if the repair work has not yet been completed, there are no grounds for refusal. Receiving assistance for the restoration of housing from several sources – not only from “єVіdnovlenya” funds, but also from funds, in particular, from charitable foundations. Attempts to apply are made by non-homeowners.

“We also see high activity on the part of citizens whose right to receive compensation is limited by law, but they still try to do it by deception.”

In particular, we are talking about people who helped the occupiers, sanctioned persons, citizens who have a criminal record for committing criminal offenses under Section I “Crimes against the fundamentals of national security of Ukraine” of the Special Part of the Criminal Code of Ukraine,” the people’s deputy said.



She emphasized that most abuses can be prevented, but there are several important innovations at the development stage that will make the program even more transparent.

In particular, an algorithm is currently being developed to identify cases when an applicant receives financial assistance from several sources. In addition, all charitable sources providing humanitarian assistance to citizens will be required to record relevant information. This will prevent double compensation.

In addition, the possibility of supplementing the criminal and administrative codes of Ukraine with articles on liability for such applicants is being discussed.

“We also do not exclude the possibility that massive payments of compensation may lead to an increase in prices on the real estate market, especially in safer regions, so it makes sense to develop a mechanism to regulate or contain this,” added Shulyak.


From December 2023, for Ukrainians whose homes were damaged as a result of hostilities, there is an opportunity to receive assistance for carrying out not only urgent repairs (the amount of compensation is up to 200 thousand UAH), but also major repairs of their homes.

Maximum amount of compensation at this stage: 350 thousand UAH. to restore the apartment and 500 thousand UAH. for a private home.


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