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31 Ukrainian companies received customs benefits under the AEO program

The list of authorized economic operators (AEOs) that are allowed simplified customs clearance already includes 31 Ukrainian companies. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Finance.

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The department noted that the increase in the number of Ukrainian companies that have received AEO status has dynamics similar to most EU countries in the first years of the program’s implementation, and sometimes exceeds it.

AEO is a special status indicating a high degree of trust in a business entity. It provides customs simplifications and advantages in international trade, which can help compensate for a number of difficulties at the border caused by external circumstances. Ukraine received this opportunity in 2020.

“Despite the war, Ukrainian business took advantage of this opportunity and significantly increased the dynamics of obtaining AEO authorizations. Thus, over 3 years and 7 months of the AEO program (as of early March 2024), 31 AEO authorizations were received,” the Ministry of Finance said in a statement.

For comparison, during the first four years of operation of the AEO program in the EU (2008–2011), businesses in more than half of the EU countries (17 member states) had a similar or significantly lower, or even zero rate of increase in AEO authorizations.

< p>Business in 11 EU member states had a greater pace of expansion of AEO.

Ukrainian companies, which are now only in the fourth year of implementing the program and in conditions of a full-scale war, have already received 9 AEO authorizations in 2024 (at March 5).

“So, since the beginning of 2024, they have been moving at a similar pace with the businesses of the leading EU countries in increasing AEO during the same period (in Germany – 11, in France – 10, in Croatia and Poland – according to 7),” the department noted.

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