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59% would move to a new job for more remuneration: what motivates Ukrainians to change jobs – Viber survey

The Rakuten Viber team found out whether Ukrainians changed their jobs over the last year and what motivated them to do so in the first place. About half of the respondents (45%) have not moved to a new place and do not plan to change anything, and the incentive for 59% of respondents was greater financial reward.

59% would move to a new job for more remuneration: what motivates Ukrainians to change jobs &mdash ; Viber survey

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The survey results showed that 45% of Ukrainians work in the same place and do not intend to change anything. At the same time, 12% changed jobs: 8% of their own accord, and 4% due to layoffs or company closures. Another 7% plan to change jobs in the future.

21% of respondents have not worked before: 20% are not currently working, 1% found their first job this year. Another 12% worked before, but are not working now. In addition, 2% of Ukrainians have two or more jobs, and 1% of respondents work as a freelancer – project by project.

To the question “Have you changed your job over the last year?” the answers were distributed as follows:

    No, I work in the same city and don’t plan to change anything – 45%; I haven’t worked and I’m not working now – 20%; Worked, but am not working now – 12%; Yes, at your own request – 8%; I work there, but I plan to change jobs – 7%; Yes, was forced to change due to downsizing/closing of the company – 4%; I got another job, now I work two/several jobs – 2%; I work entirely as a freelancer: project by project – 1%; Never worked before, found first job this year – 1%.

Separately, Ukrainians were asked what, above all, motivates them to change jobs. 59% would move to a new location for greater financial rewards, another 15% would be attracted by proximity to home.

Less workload for the same reward will be an incentive for 10% of respondents. 7% of Ukrainians would change jobs to make their dreams come true: 2% would move to their desired company, even on the same conditions, and 5% would move to another field that they had long wanted to join.

Career growth motivates to change jobs 3 % of respondents, interesting prospects – 3%, best social package (paid leave, insurance, etc.) – 3%.

Answers to the question “What primarily motivates you to change jobs?” for respondents who are currently working, the distribution was as follows:

    Greater financial reward – 59%; Proximity to home – 15%; Less load for the same reward – 10%; Opportunity to work in another field that you have long dreamed of – 5%; Career growth: higher position, broader responsibilities – 3%; Interesting prospects for a new job – 3%; The best social package: paid leave, insurance, etc. – 3%; Work in my dream company, even on the same terms – 2%.


About 35 thousand users took part in an anonymous survey in the official Rakuten Viber Ukraine channel. The key age group is 34−45 years old, more than 50% of respondents are under 45.


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