• 19/07/2024 07:16

A $10 million venture fund has been launched in Ukraine to support startups

In 2024, the venture fund SMG Capital was launched in Ukraine. The expected volume of the fund is $10 million, writes AIN.UA with a link to managing partner Alexander Shinkarev.

A $10 million venture fund was launched in Ukraine to support startups

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SMG Capital was raised almost 50% from its own funds and partners’ funds. It was created on the basis of three venture funds from the USA, Europe and Ukraine, Shinkarev noted.

The fund plans invest in companies with Ukrainian founders focused on the US market. In total, it is planned to invest in 100 tech startups at early stages.

SMG Capital is also launching a three-month program for Ukrainian startup enthusiasts.

According to Shinkarev, its goal is to provide participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to successfully launch their own startups, join existing projects or form teams for future ones startups.

SMG Builder offers the following opportunities for startups: investment in the amount of $25,000; the opportunity to become a co-founder of a startup; a chance to find a team to launch a startup; recommendation for completing an internship from an international company.

The builder’s future partners will be able to become co-founders of startups, mentors or consultants to enter the US market.


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