• 20/07/2024 11:12

A programmer who calls himself the creator of Bitcoin was sued in London.

The High Court in London has begun hearing a case against programmer Craig Wright, who calls himself the creator of Bitcoin. The plaintiff in the case was the non-profit organization Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA). The first meetings took place on February 5 and 6. CoinDesk writes about this.

A programmer who calls himself the creator of Bitcoin was sued in London

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Australian programmer Craig Wright says that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, who created Bitcoin in 2009. The plaintiffs are confident that this is not true and claim that Wright falsified documents.

Several materials appear in the trial. This is a fragment of Wright's work based on the BlackNet concept, dated, as he himself claims, in 2002, a recording of his entry into Satoshi's mailbox and academic articles.

During the analysis and analysis of these materials, the court noted the similarity of the technical document BlackNet with Bitcoin white paper. Wright stated that he is not prohibited from self-plagiarism.

The author of the original concept of BlackNet is considered to be programmer Tim May. He introduced it in 1993. Wright claims that he created Bitcoin under the inspiration of May's idea.

The prosecution found errors and inaccuracies in other papers. And in the video where Wright enters Nakamoto's email, the address bar is not visible. He explained this by saying that it was inconvenient to operate a mouse and film on a phone at the same time.

Wright's interrogation will last until February 13. Previously, the court allowed him to provide evidence, but with the condition that COPA experts would conduct their own analysis.


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