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Analysts criticized the government's initiative to provide tax authorities with access to banking information and accounts

Think tanks have criticized the increased powers of tax authorities, as provided for in the National Revenue Strategy presented by the government. In particular, experts believe that access to banking information and accounts is a violation of the Constitution and may carry corruption risks. This is discussed in the analysis of the Center for Socio-Economic Research CASE Ukraine.

Analysts criticized the government's initiative to give tax officials access to banking information and accounts

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< p>Specialists from economic think tanks and tax policy experts took part in the study. In general, they came to the conclusion that such a government initiative creates significant corruption risks and is only possible with the voluntary consent of the taxpayer.

The expansion of the powers of tax officials, along with the lifting of the moratorium on inspections during war, creates a policy of extremely aggressive collection taxes, economists say.

Commenting on the government’s initiative, experts noted that the experience of 2020-2022 showed that the lack of inspections had almost no effect on the payment of taxes.

“This indicates that the vast majority of such inspections are unnecessary from a fiscal point of view, Consequently, they only lead to unproductive losses on both the part of business and the state, and also create corruption risks. Probably, the corruption opportunities that inspections create are one of the main factors that leads to their excessive number,” economists noted.

Recall that the National Revenue Strategy, as part of the fight against tax debt, provides for the granting of powers to the State Tax Service without a court decision, seize accounts (property) and block them until the tax debt is fully repaid.

Taxpayers are asked to provide full access to information about the volume and circulation of funds of all taxpayers, including individuals, on their bank accounts without a court decision and criminal proceedings.

The National Revenue Strategy until 2030 was published at the end of December.


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