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Banks in Ukraine have laid off about 20% of employees over 2 years – review

Over two years, the number of bank employees in Ukraine decreased by 24 thousand by 19.8% and amounted to 97 thousand employees at the end of 2023. This is stated in the NBU's review of the banking sector.

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Staff reduction

“For the first time since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, banks provided reports on the number of full-time employees: it, as expected, decreased in all groups of banks” , noted the National Bank.

Thus, the number of employees of banks with foreign capital fell the most – by 14.4 thousand, or 42.9%, to 19.2 thousand people. Private banks reduced their staff by 5.2 thousand people, or 15.7% – to 27.9 thousand people.

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Employees of state banks, including Sense Bank, nationalized in 2023, decreased by 4.4 thousand or 8.1 over the year % – 50 thousand

The largest Ukrainian bank Privatbank laid off 2.3 thousand employees, or 9.9%, and by the end of last year it employed 20.5 thousand people, while other state banks — 29.4 thousand, which is 2.1 thousand, or 6.8% less than two years earlier.

As a result, the share of bank employees working in state banks increased from 44.9% before the war to 51.5%.

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