• 21/07/2024 20:59

Banks predict lending growth – NBU

Banks expect continued growth in demand for loans both among businesses and among the population. The National Bank reports this.

Banks predict growth in lending — NBU

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The level of application approval by banks has increased for all types of corporate loans, most of all for small and medium enterprises. Subsequently, the level of approval of applications for loans to the population increased, most of all for mortgages.

As stated in the message of the National Bank of Ukraine, according to the results of a quarterly survey of banks on lending conditions, the improvement of key indicators continues – the majority of respondents expect an increase in lending businesses and households in the next 12 months.

Demand for corporate loans in the fourth quarter continued to resume, as in 2023. For the first time in the last five quarters, demand from large enterprises grew more noticeably than demand for SME loans.

Demand for mortgages decreased, breaking its trend of over-year growth. This was mainly noted by large banks. Demand for consumer loans remained unchanged.

Respondents forecast further growth in demand for business loans in the first quarter of 2024. Most of all – for hryvnia and short-term loans, loans to large companies. It is expected that the demand for mortgages will decrease, but for consumer loans it will not change.


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