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Best review of December: why children's cards from monobank go into the red, despite the established limits

The editors of the Ministry of Finance have determined the winner of the competition for the best review of the work of banks in December. It was user Trech8, who complained that monobank, despite the established limits, wrote off funds from the card of his minor daughter, and the balance went into the minus.

The best review of December: why children's cards from monobank are going into the minus, despite the established limits

The author of the review said that he had long ago issued a children’s card for his daughter at monobank. Now the girl is 13 years old. She used the card for an online game. As a result, money was withdrawn for the subscription, although there were not enough funds in the account.

“The balance went negative. How can this actually be? Card of a minor child. On what basis are there, in my opinion, possible fraudulent actions to withdraw funds in excess of the positive balance?” asks Trech8.

What did the bank say?

The monobank support service reminded that the children’s A card for a child can be issued between the ages of 6 and 14 years. It is issued to the account of one of the parents.

“We understand that you did not expect the amount to be written off in excess of the available balance. At the same time, when writing off some transactions, an overdraft may be provided.

According to the rules, the payment system has the right, without waiting for a response from the bank during authorization, to confirm this operation independently in favor of the retail outlet for the convenience of the client and proper payment for previously provided services. If an operation is carried out in this way, the bank is informed after the fact – a message is received that the payment system has approved this type of operation,” the bank said.

At the same time, monobank emphasized: since at the time of confirmation transactions, the payment system does not operate with data received from the bank; situations do occur when transactions are carried out despite established limits (Internet payment limit, credit limit).

“The bank has no right not to comply with such requirements, since this is a direct violation of the rules of the payment system. Thus, the bank can provide an overdraft on the basis of the Law of Ukraine “On approval of the Regulations on the procedure for issuing payment cards and carrying out transactions using them.” More detailed information is provided in clause 3.22. If the client has not received the service/product for this transaction, the bank can file a dispute to appeal the amount debited through the payment system,” monobank added.

Rules of the “Best Review of the Month” competition

The prize for the best review of the month is 500 UAH. To be included in the list of contenders for the title of “best,” the review must meet a number of criteria:

    The review must be written based on personal experience with the bank or using banking products. The experience described should be useful to other bank clients. The review can describe both negative and positive user experiences. The optimal length of a comment is up to 2–2.5 thousand characters.

Read more about the “Best Review of the Month” rules here.


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