• 16/07/2024 15:50

Billionaires Soros and Walton are buying stakes in pharmaceutical companies

The family offices of American billionaires Sam Walton and George Soros have acquired new stakes in biotechnology companies involved in drug development. Bloomberg writes about this.

Billionaires Soros and Walton is buying shares in pharmaceutical companies

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It is noted that in the fourth quarter of 2023, Walton’s company Walton Investment Team acquired a stake from Madrigal Pharmaceuticals, which is developing drugs for liver diseases, for $8.2 million.

Soros Fund Management acquired a new stake in pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. for $24.5 million and another $19.2 million stake in weight-loss drug maker Eli Lilly.

Other investment firms have also acquired pieces in individual biotech companies, Bloomberg adds.< /p>

Thus, David Bonderman’s family office Wildcat Capital Management acquired a stake in Praxis Precision, which specializes in the treatment of neurological diseases.

Investing in medical equipment and healthcare technologies is one of the most popular investment themes of 2023 , according to a survey of family offices conducted by UBS Group AG.

In particular, German billionaires Thomas and Andreas Struenngman helped create the company BioNTech SE, which, in partnership with Pfizer Inc. developed the first Covid vaccine approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.


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