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Blocking the border with Ukraine: Polish business is losing hundreds of millions of dollars

Due to the blocking of borders by Polish farmers, Polish companies doing business in Ukraine are suffering losses of hundreds of millions of dollars. This was stated by the Chairman of the Council of the International Society of Polish Entrepreneurs in Ukraine Szymon Waszczyn during a press conference at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center, Ukrinform reports.

Blocking the border with Ukraine: Polish business is losing hundreds of millions of dollars

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“This is direct damage from undelivered goods and the inability to fulfill agreements by the businesses of both parties. I can’t give a specific figure, but it’s tens and hundreds of millions of dollars,” said Waschin.

He also cited research data from the European Business Association, according to which every Polish company out of 44 surveyed in Ukraine was affected by strikes at the border lost an average of $700 thousand.

These are not only direct losses, but also fines due to non-compliance with the terms of contracts, in particular, the supply of goods not in full. The construction industry especially suffers from this.

“We cannot be sure of the possibility of regular deliveries, so relationships with our partners are at risk. We need guarantees that entrepreneurs on both sides of the border are now, unfortunately, unable to provide,” Vashchin noted.

The organization hopes that the parties will reach an agreement and the blocking of the border will stop before March 28. Representatives of Polish entrepreneurs in Ukraine are confident that this should have a positive impact on Ukraine’s negotiations on joining the EU.


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