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Bloomberg named companies whose stock prices should be monitored in 2024

Bloomberg analysts named 50 global companies whose stock prices should be monitored this year. In its choice, the publication was guided by events that determine changes in companies, such as the sale or purchase of assets, changes in management, as well as plans to introduce new products and services to the market. The Ministry of Finance publishes some of them.

Bloomberg named companies whose stock prices should be monitored in 2024

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Paying attention to the problems in the real estate market in China, analysts noted Chinese company A-Living with a market capitalization of $0.6 billion, which manages real estate for the developer Agile.

“Reduced construction volumes in China could lead to a reduction in revenues, which could result in the company missing the consensus forecast of net profits by about 10%,” writes Bloomberg.

At the same time, the agency expects that the company's sales this year will amount to $2.2 billion, and income will grow by 7%.


Also on the list is tech giant Adobe with a market valuation of $275 billion, for which the agency predicts an additional $1 billion in profit over the next two years thanks to new AI features in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro.

Analysts predict that the company's revenue will increase by 12% in 2024 .


With the development of artificial intelligence (AI), Bloomberg predicts revenue growth of 11% for Google parent company Alphabet.

“The launch of AI-powered chatbot Bard increases search advertising volumes, and in the near term AI will drive significant growth in cloud computing. In addition, the number of subscriptions to the NFL league on YouTube is growing, and staff reductions will reduce fixed costs by more than $3 billion,” the agency notes.


According to Bloomberg forecasts, although Amazon is best known for its marketplace, Amazon's biggest growth this year will come from cloud computing and advertising.

In particular, revenue from cloud technologies is expected to increase by almost 20%, which significantly exceeds consensus forecast due to the introduction of AI and the recovery of corporate IT costs.

Significant growth in retail sales in e-commerce should help increase digital advertising revenue, which will allow this segment to exceed the $55 billion valuation.


Growing demand for smartphones and growth in artificial intelligence applications intelligence for mobile and home devices indicate potential earnings growth for Asia's largest chipmaker.

It is noted that MediaTek's Dimensity processors will gain market share in premium smartphones compared to competing Qualcomm products, and partnerships with Meta and Nvidia will open opportunities in the alternative/virtual reality, PC and automotive markets.

Analysts expect that in 2024 the company's revenues will increase by 20%.

Anta Sports

In the context of the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris, the agency advises paying attention to the Chinese manufacturer of sports equipment and clothing Anta Sports (expected 15% revenue growth). Another growth catalyst should be the possible listing of its subsidiary Amer Sports.

Aston Martin

Among automakers, Bloomberg notes luxury sports car maker Aston Martin (revenues are expected to grow by 19%, and sales are expected to reach $2.5 billion).

Three new sports cars – Vantage 12, Valkyrie and DB12 – along with Increased SUV sales and success in Formula 1 racing could propel the company to levels of profitability not seen since going public in 2018.

Analysts expect Aston Martin's operating profit margin to be 25% this year. and by 2026-27 it will grow to 30%.


Stable sales growth (up to $109 billion) and, thus, revenue growth of 28%, is predicted for the Chinese automaker BYD, which is ahead of Tesla in terms of sales of electric vehicles.

“New sources revenue, combined with BYD's scale and vertical integration in batteries and semiconductors, will help the company maintain profit margins on electric vehicles despite growing competition from Chinese and European competitors,” Bloomberg predicts.

Novo Nordisk

With the US and EU poised to approve diet pill Wegovy, pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk is on track to dramatically expand sales of its new drug. It is worth noting that the Danish company is the developer of the acclaimed drug Ozempic.

Novo Nordisk's revenues are expected to increase by 22%.

Eli Lilly

This year should get the weight loss drug Zepbound from the American company Eli Lilly.

“Given better data on its effectiveness and lower price, its introduction should precede the rollout of Novo Nordisk's Wegovy,” writes Bloomberg.

Analysts expect Eli Lilly's 2024 revenue to grow 16%.

First Solar

In the energy sector, the largest revenue growth (31%) is projected for solar panel manufacturer First Solar.

Galaxy Entertainment

And in the field of gambling, the largest growth (29%) is predicted by the Chinese Galaxy Entertainment, which owns hotels and casinos in Macau.

“After expanding its mega-resort in Macau, Galaxy plans to increase its share of the city’s gambling market to 21% in 2024 compared to 19% last year. The expanded facility, including new hotels from Raffles and Andaz, which could attract wealthier gamblers and younger tourists, will help the company increase gambling revenue this year by 36%, compared with 22% forecast for the industry as a whole,” writes Bloomberg.


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