• 23/07/2024 01:04

Canada accepted about 250 thousand Ukrainian refugees

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, more than 248 thousand Ukrainian refugees have already arrived in Canada. This is evidenced by data from the Canada Border Agency.

Canada accepted about 250 thousand Ukrainian refugees

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It is noted that under the Canada-Ukraine Emergency Travel Authorization (CUAET) program, created in March 2022, 248,726 Ukrainians arrived in Canada.

This program entitles Ukrainians fleeing war to urgently receive a three-year permit to work and live in Canada, financial assistance and temporary free settlement.

In total, the Canadian government received almost 1.2 million applications for this visa, of which more than 960 thousand have already been approved.

It should be noted that the acceptance of new applications for this program has already been completed. Holders of such a visa must come to Canada by the end of March to take advantage of the program.


The Ministry of Finance wrote that Canada will allocate more than $2 billion in aid to Ukraine this year.

In addition, Canada will allocate 60 million Canadian dollars (about $44 million) for the defense of Ukraine.


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