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Cashback for the purchase of Ukrainian goods: the government explained how it will work

In order to receive cashback from the state for purchasing Ukrainian goods, which the president recently announced, you will need to open a new bank card. These funds can only be spent on the same goods marked with the “Made in Ukraine” marker. Deputy Minister of Economy Nadezhda Bigun spoke about this, writes Business Censor.

Cashback for the purchase of Ukrainian goods: the government explained , how it will work

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As a government representative explained, the algorithm was worked out during the pandemic, when citizens received the so-called “Covid thousand” for vaccination. After the start of a full-scale war, the system was refined, for example, within the framework of the “Support” and “Recovery” programs.

“Cashback will be credited when you buy goods Made in Ukraine at retail outlets. Cashback will be accumulated on a special card; these funds can be spent on the same goods from Ukrainian manufacturers. This way, each of us will feel our specific impact on the economy,” explains Bigun.

That is, you will need to make a special card in one of the partner banks, which will receive a percentage of the purchase of goods under the “Made in Ukraine” brand. The size of this percentage is still unknown, but, according to the deputy chairman of the O P Rostislav Shurma, “the figure is very worthy.”

It is also not yet known whether the cashback amount will be limited. For example, some banks offering cashback to their clients limit the maximum amount.

Another nuance is the issue of verification. That is, how will the state know that a particular citizen bought some goods specifically under the “Made in Ukraine” program. Do you need to pay for them with that special card on which cashback will be paid, do you need to submit an application through “Diya”, or will control fall on the shoulders of partner banks – the answer will become clear after the presentation of the program.

It also remains open. tax issue. The same bank cashback is subject to tax: of its total amount, 18% personal income tax and 1.5% military duty are paid. Receiving cashback from a bank may affect the purpose of the subsidy, because according to the Tax Code, cashback is income.


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