• 24/07/2024 11:58

China's GDP could overtake the US in 2037

China's economy in 2037 could exceed US GDP in 2037, according to a report by the British Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR). Last year's forecast said that this would not happen “at least until 2036.”

China may overtake the United States in terms of GDP in 2037

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What is known

According to the report, in 2026 Germany may lose third place in the list of the world's largest economies due to low GDP growth rates . According to CEBR forecasts, Japan will be in third place, India will be in fourth place.

By 2035, India’s economy is expected to be $10 trillion and the country will take third place.

In 2038, the share of countries Europe's share of global GDP is expected by CEBR to be 19.2%. In previous years' forecasts, this figure reached 33.5%. The share of Asian countries, on the contrary, will grow from 20.8% to 33.9%, the center believes.

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