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DZ Bank will launch a pilot project for cryptocurrency trading: what's new on the market

The main thing on the cryptocurrency market.

DZ Bank will launch a pilot project for trading cryptocurrencies: what's new on the market

The German bank DZ Bank will launch a pilot project for trading cryptocurrencies

The large banking group DZ Bank Group plans to launch a pilot project for cryptocurrency trading in 2024. This is reported by Bloomberg with a link to data from a bank representative.

As noted by Suad Benkredda, member of the board of DZ Bank Group, the financial group wants to make a number of digital assets available to retail clients.

“During the This year we will enter the pilot phase of retail cryptocurrency trading with the first cooperative banks. They will be able to test this process with their clients,” he said.

The previously outlined partnership plan for DWP Bank has changed. Meanwhile, a representative of the bank did not disclose the name of the new project partner. It is expected that DZ Bank will offer digital asset trading without the need for additional permissions or recommendations.

“According to auditing firm Genoverband, every second bank would like to offer such a solution to its clients,” Bencredda noted.

According to information on the official website, DZ Bank manages assets in the amount of 627 billion euros.

The Ukrainian people's deputy was suspected of misappropriating cryptocurrencies worth 24 million hryvnia

NABU and SAPO reported suspicion to a people's deputy of Ukraine, who allegedly entered false information about the ownership of cryptocurrency in the declaration for 2020.

Who we are talking about is not reported, but according to media information, we are talking about a member of the Servant of the People faction » Alexander Marikovsky.

According to the case file, in 2020, the people’s deputy declared cryptocurrency with a market value of more than UAH 24.6 million, which allegedly belonged to him since 2019.

However, law enforcement officers found out that he was not the owner of the said cryptogamer, and transactions for the acquisition of digital assets were carried out by foreign citizens not associated with the people’s deputy.

An investigation is currently underway.

US authorities have filed charges three suspects in the FTX hack

US prosecutors have charged three people with the $400 million hack of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange that occurred in 2022 using SIM swapping.

On January 24, the case against Robert Powell, Carter Rohn and Emily Hernandez was filed in Washington District Court. The documents detail an attack on “Victim Company 1” between November 11 and November 12, 2022, after FTX filed for bankruptcy.

Hernandez allegedly posed as an employee of the firm, and Powell fraudulently obtained access to data from the mobile operator AT&T, which served the company. The group subsequently seized the organization's accounts and transferred more than $400 million in digital currency from crypto wallets.

“A SIM spoofing attack is the process of deceiving a telecom operator into reassigning a mobile phone number from the SIM card of a legitimate subscriber or user to a SIM card controlled by a criminal,” the indictment says.

In the analysis Elliptic has suggested that victim company number 1 is FTX, since the dates and amount of stolen funds coincide with the incident.

According to Bloomberg, two sources familiar with the matter confirmed the connection between the case and FTX.

El Salvador does not plan to abandon Bitcoin

El Salvador has no plans to abandon Bitcoin as legal tender. This is reported by Reuters with reference to the words of Vice President Felix Ulloa.

This is how the politician answered the publication’s question about whether the government’s course will change after the elections that start on February 4, 2024.

Among candidates for the post of head of state include current President Nayib Bukele, representative of the right-wing ARENA party Joel Sanchez and socialist from FMLN Manuel Flores.

“Not only that this law (on the legalization of Bitcoin – ed.) will be preserved. We can say that he has support all over the world,” Ulloa said.

If Nayib Bukele and his Nuevas Ideas (New Ideas) party win, El Salvador will continue to work on issuing bonds backed by Bitcoin, he noted. Vice President.

Recall that the National Commission for Digital Assets of El Salvador approved a bill on the issuance of Bitcoin bonds in December 2023. Their issue is expected in the first quarter of 2024.


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