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Earnings of Ukrainians in Poland are growing

Since 2019, the wages of both labor migrants and refugees from Ukraine have been growing, in particular due to an increase in the minimum wage. In 2023, Ukrainians received an average salary of 3,000-4,000 zlotys ($720-960). This is reported by the Polish edition of Money.

The earnings of Ukrainians in Poland are growing

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It is noted that almost half (49%) of refugees and every fifth respondent on pre-war migration declared earnings below 3,000 zlotys ($720).

The average net salary received by Ukrainians in Poland is approximately 3.5 thousand zlotys ( $840).

According to Gremi Personal, Ukrainian refugees are predominantly women and children. The vast majority of all refugees are women – 78% and men – 22%. A third of them are single women without children or partners. Women with children make up 26% of all refugees, and 12% are women who stay with other family members.

Despite the disproportionately smaller number of male refugees from Ukraine, they have a better position in the labor market. Most of them are employed (71% versus 61%) and only 15% of men are unemployed compared to 27% of women.

Highly qualified Ukrainians compete with Poles< /h3>

According to Gremi Personal, pre-war migrants mainly worked in professions that required qualifications, but not necessarily higher education (welders, turners, electricity, etc.), while refugees had higher education – most of them performs simple jobs that do not require qualifications.

“The salaries of Ukrainian refugees in Poland mainly depend on the increase in the minimum wage in the Polish economy and are rarely related to the education received in Ukraine, regardless of its level. However, if highly qualified Ukrainians speak Polish well, they can compete with Poles for vacant positions,” explains Anna Jobolda from Gremi Personal.


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