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Flying car developer receives $850 million in pre-orders

The startup Alef Aeronautics, which plans to sell flying cars, already has 2,850 pre-orders for their Model A. The total sales amount will be more than $850 million. The cost of the car itself is $300 thousand. Alef is supported by Elon Musk, as well as his company SpaceX. CNBC writes about this.

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Alef Model A is essentially an aircraft that looks very similar to a ground plane automobile. This is where the startup will differentiate itself from competitors such as Lilium, a German air taxi startup, and the Chinese company Joby Aviation.

Company CEO Jim Duchovny said that their Alef Model A, judging by pre-orders, will be the most sold aircraft, ahead of such companies as Boeing, Airbus, Joby Aviation.

He also emphasized that the cost of their aircraft is high, since the company does not yet have large earnings. In the future, Alef plans to release other models, including ones for four people, which will be much cheaper.

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