• 19/07/2024 21:12

Forbes called Ripple a “zombie” company and criticized 19 other crypto projects

The authors of the article called the Ripple blockchain ineffective and the XRP token purely speculative, calling into question its market capitalization. 20 companies were included in the “zombie” list from Forbes.

Forbes called Ripple a “zombie” company and criticized 19 more crypto projects

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Journalists claim that Ripple failed to achieve its goals of improving the global financial network and becoming an alternative to SWIFT.

However, Forbes did not take into account the low fees of XRPL. The network charges an average transaction fee of $0.0002, and SWIFT from $10 to $100.

The article also criticized other projects – Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Internet Computer, Ethereum Classic, Stellar, Stocks, Kaspa, Theta Network, Fantom, Monero, Arweave, Algorand, Flow, MultiversX, BitcoinSV, Mina, Tezos and EOS.

As the authors of the material note, this list is not complete.

At the same time, journalists praised Bitcoin and Ethereum, emphasizing that these protocols are “quite useful.”


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