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Franco-German arms manufacturer KNDS will create a subsidiary in Ukraine

France and Germany have agreed to join forces to produce ammunition in Ukraine through a new subsidiary of the arms manufacturer KNDS. Thus, Kiev's allies are seeking to increase military assistance to Ukraine, Bloomberg reports.

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According to the agreement, the Franco-German manufacturer of battle tanks will create a division in Ukraine for the production of ammunition and spare parts for their weapons , already transferred to Ukraine.

“We, France and Germany, want to help Ukraine make its ammunition production more self-sufficient,” said German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius.

French Defense Minister Sebatien Lecornu said that KNDS, which produces products including Caesar self-propelled howitzers, artillery systems and armored vehicles, will gain a foothold in Ukraine with the help of a local enterprise.

“Ammunition production should move closer to the front line, this will be very important for supplies,” – Lecornu emphasized.

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