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From January 1, we are reducing the number of civil service vacancies by almost 20 thousand – Shmygal

On December 29, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a document on a new system of remuneration for civil servants based on the qualifications of positions and grades. Prime Minister Denis Shmygal announced this at a government meeting.

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“It’s primarily about fairness. After all, none of the managers will now, at their own discretion, be able to award exorbitant bonuses, allowances and additional payments. Now 70% of a civil servant’s salary will be salary, and only 30% will be bonuses,” noted the head of government.

The new system, according to the Prime Minister, will cover both government bodies with jurisdiction throughout Ukraine (ministries, Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers, Office of the President) and regional bodies (regional and district administrations).

At the same time, from January 1, the number of civil service vacancies is being reduced by almost 20 thousand.

New payment system labor and a reduction in vacancies, according to the Ministry of Finance, will allow Ukraine to save about 8 billion UAH of budget funds and direct them to security and defense needs in 2024.

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