• 20/07/2024 15:55

Global Internet cables cut in Red Sea

Three cables providing global Internet and telecommunications were cut in the Red Sea. Sky News reports this.

In the Red Sea cut the cables of the global Internet

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The damage affects 25% of traffic passing through the Red Sea on lines carrying data to Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Among them are Asia-Africa-Europe 1, Europe India Gateway, Seacom and TGN-Gulf, reports HGC Global Communications from Hong Kong.

The company later clarified that four submarine telecommunications cables out of 15 in the waters were critically damaged. under Yemen's jurisdiction.

Seacom, which serves Djibouti, said that “initial testing indicates that the affected segment is within Yemen's maritime jurisdiction in the southern Red Sea.”

Seacom said the company is rerouting the traffic it managed to change, although some services are not working.

Tata Communications, part of the Indian conglomerate and behind the Seacom-TGN-Gulf line, said it had “initiated immediate and appropriate measures to correct the situation.”

Who cut the cables

The Houthis deny sabotaging lines along the route, which is considered critical for transmitting data from Asia to Europe. They blamed the failures on British and US military operations, without providing evidence.

At the same time, last month, Yemen's internationally recognized government said that the Houthis were planning to attack the cables.


Earlier, the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said that the countries of the bloc had reached a fundamental political agreement on the start of a military operation to ensure the security of commercial shipping in the Red Sea.

It is assumed that the deal should end Houthi attacks from Yemen on commercial ships.


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