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How to start a business with China without risks: a checklist for beginners and entrepreneurs

China enjoys a reputation as a global manufacturing giant and offers endless opportunities for entrepreneurs from around the world. However, newcomers are worried about where to start doing business with China? What are the pitfalls and how to avoid difficulties? The DiFreight company, which has been accompanying and consulting Ukrainian entrepreneurs for more than three years, told us about the stages of setting up a business and how to build fruitful cooperation with China. Read about how to establish cooperation with Chinese suppliers, and what steps need to be taken into account in order not to waste time and money.

DiFreight team at work.

Stage 1. Search and verification of suppliers

Selecting reliable partners requires an analysis of their reputation, experience, product certification and reviews of other clients. To be 100% confident in your supplier, it is better to seek help from specialists. For example, DiFreight specialists help with checking the registration and official documents of the supplier and detect unscrupulous sellers.

Stage 2. Negotiations with suppliers

At this stage, you discuss important details of cooperation with Chinese partners, including prices, delivery time, quality of goods, guarantees and conditions for returning goods. When discussing cooperation, buyers accompany the negotiations of their clients, since they have an excellent command of the Chinese language and know the peculiarities of working with Chinese companies, which means that here you will avoid the risks of misunderstandings and surprises in the future.

Stage 3. Repurchase of goods

Stage 3. Repurchase of goods

Once you have decided on a supplier, you need to make a purchase and payment. “To avoid difficulties with ordering and payment, it is better to simply send your order to us and pay for it. We will buy the goods ourselves and accept them at our warehouse in China,” comment the professionals.

Stage 4. Inspection of goods

It would not be superfluous to check the cargo to make sure that the goods comply with the order before how to send them to their destination.

DiFreight warehouse in China, in the city of Foshan

” If our specialists find inconsistencies in the order , you can return the product to the supplier for replacement or refund,” the company comments.

Stage 5. Logistics and delivery

Thanks to well-established transport chains and a deep understanding of all aspects of taxation and insurance, the company will provide a full range of logistics and delivery services. DiFreight will help you:

We ship weekly from China, guaranteeing you fast and reliable delivery. In addition, you can track the cargo route through our client’s personal account or a telegram bot for cargo tracking,” the company assures.

Training course for entrepreneurs

And to learn how to buy goods yourself in China, check out the free training course “How to Start a Business with China.” This is an excellent resource for new and experienced entrepreneurs looking to expand their knowledge and improve their skills in trading with China.

Using a successful business with China Starts with careful planning, building trusting relationships with reliable suppliers, as well as skillful management of logistics and delivery.With the professional approach of an experienced partner like DiFreight, you can minimize risks and maximize the opportunities of your business at an international level.

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