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IDPs can receive 10.8 thousand from the UN

Internally displaced persons can receive financial assistance from UNHCR in the amount of 10,800 hryvnia. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Reintegration.

IDPs can receive 10.8 thousand from the UN

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Who can receive help

“People who have not received it before international organizations and have an income of less than 5,400 hryvnia per family member can receive help. In particular, those who belong to vulnerable categories of the population,” the department noted.

How to apply

So, families that can apply for financial assistance are:

    have only one parent with one or more children under 18 years of age or with elderly people (55 years of age and older); take care of one single or several single elderly people (from 55 years of age) or an elderly person with one child or several children under the age of 18 years; have family members with disabilities or chronic diseases; guardianship of unaccompanied children or children divorced from their parents.

To receive assistance, you must provide the following documents:

    Identification document. Tax number (required for payment of benefits). Any documents confirming membership in the vulnerability category (certificates, etc.). Birth certificate of children (if available). Bank card number for benefit payment. Personal telephone number.

You can apply for such assistance at the data collection points of the Charitable Foundation “Right to Protection” by following the link.

You can find out more details and ask questions on the UNHCR hotline at the number: 0 800 307 711 (Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00). Or send an email to: un**********@do*******.org.


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