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Igor Mazepa was heading to Davos to attract investments in PJSC Krivoy Rog Cement – ​​Concorde Capital

On January 18, Igor Mazepa went to the World Economic Forum in Davos with the aim of attracting investments in PJSC Krivoy Rog Cement, which is one of the largest cement producers in Ukraine. He had all the necessary official documents for leaving the country as the owner and representative of this enterprise.

Igor Mazepa was heading to Davos to attract investments in PJSC Krivoy Rog Cement - Concorde Capital

This is stated in a statement by the investment company Concorde Capital, in a post on the page of Igor Mazepa himself on Facebook, as well as on the page of PJSC Krivoy Rog Cement on Facebook.

As stated in the company, the company is preparing for a large-scale project for modernization by more than 15 million euros to increase capacity for the reconstruction of the country after the end of the war.

PJSC “Krivoy Rog Cement” is in the final stage of negotiations with the Danish State Fund to receive preferential loans within the framework of the international reconstruction program, and also announced receipt of grant assistance from USAID.

Igor Mazepa had a number of planned meetings in Davos precisely on the occasion of attracting investments in PJSC Krivoy Rog Cement. However, as the company states, they now do not understand how the current situation can affect the course of negotiations, and therefore the development of the enterprise, the implementation of the expansion project and the creation of new jobs.

The company also denied statements about the alleged Igor Mazepa’s attempt to leave Ukraine due to persecution by law enforcement agencies and stated that Igor Mazepa, as the CEO of Concorde Capital, regularly goes on business trips abroad for investment activities. He also travels on his volunteer projects, because he actively helps the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Recall that on January 18, the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine detained the famous Ukrainian investment banker Igor Mazepa at the border, and searches were carried out in the office of Concorde Capital. The company connects these events with the entrepreneur’s statements about security forces’ pressure on the business.


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